Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us directly any time but take some time and read through the frequently asked questions on our website. If you have requested a quote already and you have some queries on that quote or your itinerary kindly contact our customer support or travel agent directly.

  • How do you work out your prices? Do you charge more at night?

Unlike many firms, we charge for the fuel we use: we do not charge for each passenger. We do have a small additional charge for hire during certain periods (overnight)- call us so we can give you the best deal. You can pay your driver with cash or debit or credit card using PayPal.

  • I need to pick up people on the way. Can Cardiff Airport Taxi do this?

Yes, we can pick customers up from multiple destinations and drop them off at multiple destinations, without any additional charges.

  • Are there hidden charges in your prices?

No. We are a transparent and honest taxi company. Many taxi firms will charge you if they have to wait for you, but we do not. For example, if you book us to collect you from an airport and take you home, then we will wait for you and we won’t charge you if your flight is delayed.

  • Is it safe to use?

Your safety is paramount to us. All of our taxi drivers are thoroughly checked and vetted before they start employment with us. They wear ID badges while on duty. If you are unsure, you can call us to check the identity of our staff. All of our vehicles are insured, maintained, serviced and MOT tested in strict accordance with manufacturer specifications and legal requirements.

  • Do you have a complaints procedure?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service. If we provide an excellent service, please tell your friends and family. If we don’t, for whatever reason, please tell us so we can investigate for you and inform you of our findings.